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How Strong is Our 20000mg CBD Cream?

If you’re buying cbd products then the milligrams on the product label are important for understanding how strong it is. However, if you’re using CBD for the topical applications such as pain relief or muscle relaxation then the percentage concentration is more important.More info

This is because the percentage of CBD in a product is what determines how much is actually absorbed into your body and how quickly it takes effect. A higher percentage means a higher strength and a faster effect.

Revolutionary Relief: Exploring the Benefits of 20,000mg CBD Cream

That’s why our tinctures are made with high concentrations of CBD because we want to give you the best possible experience. Taking a tincture sublingually is the most effective way of ingesting CBD as it maximizes the speed at which the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream. However, many of our customers prefer to add their tinctures to drinks, such as smoothies or cocktails, rather than taking them sublingually.

Our tinctures are available in a range of different strengths, from 500mg up to the highest strength of 8000mg – our biggest and strongest product. Our 8000mg tincture is ideal for those who want to take their CBD in larger quantities, with a bottle that holds enough for long-term use and that won’t require you to constantly top up your supply.

Unlike THC, which has toxic, lethal side effects, CBD is one of the safest and most beneficial substances available. Even in extreme high doses it will only cause drowsiness and diarrhoea, which isn’t exactly ideal for a relaxing night in but certainly not life threatening.

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