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Magic Mushrooms Dispensary in Vancouver, British Columbia

magic mushrooms dispensary

As medical research and small changes to drug policy bolster support for the drug, storefronts selling magic mushrooms are popping up in Vancouver. While the city’s police department says psychedelic stores remain illegal, it has turned a blind eye to their presence and allowed them to thrive in the shadowy legal grey area. Read more

Amanita muscaria, better known as “magic mushrooms,” are fungi that contain the mind-altering compound psilocybin and other chemicals that cause you to hallucinate. They have been used for thousands of years in spiritual rites and are considered a hallucinogenic drug. They are also poisonous if eaten raw, but Hermida and other shop owners avoid this danger by cooking and treating the mushrooms before they sell them in capsules, gummies or powders. They also offer mycology growth kits, so customers can grow their own mushrooms.

The Art of Growing Magic Mushrooms at Home

Like cannabis, the mushroom industry has seen a push toward decriminalization and regulation in many states. Increasing public support, nascent medical research and personal stories of veterans are helping lawmakers rethink longstanding prohibitions on the drug.

Psilocybin is classified as a Schedule 1 substance, in the same category as heroin and LSD. It is illegal to produce, distribute or possess it without a license from Health Canada, which grants it access through its clinical trials or special-access program. The drug is linked to a number of adverse side effects, including traumatic injuries and death, when combined with alcohol or other drugs that impair judgment, and it can be dangerous for people with certain heart conditions. The drug can also build up a tolerance over time, and users may become psychologically dependent on how the experience makes them feel.

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