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What is a Menage For Horses?

What is a menage for horses is a special fenced area that allows the horse to be exercised or trained from the ground, without being ridden. It can be indoors or outdoors, and it may include a riding arena for practice or competition.

The term can also refer to a facility or a group of stables that house horses for boarding purposes, known as livery yards (BrE) and boarding stables (AmE). These are normally subdivided to allow each horse to have its own stall or box that restricts movement, provides safety from one another, separates different breeds or sexes, and allows for specific feeding regimens or other care requirements to be met.

Exploring the Purpose of a Menage for Horses

For the most serious equestrians, a well-constructed menage is a canvas on which they can practice and perfect their craft. Dressage is like a ballet for horses; subtle cues from the rider enable graceful and precise movements. For rodeo and western riders, menages become arenas for precision maneuvers like barrel racing and calf roping.

The construction of an all-weather equestrian surface is a complex process that requires attention to detail at every stage. A managed or riding arena constructed incorrectly stands a high risk of flooding, freezing, and other problems that could be costly to repair and can put the health of both horse and rider at risk. This article explores the basics of constructing a horse arena and recommends products to help ensure a good quality finished equestrian surface that is capable of withstanding all weather conditions for years to come.

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