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Benefits of Glazed Partitioning

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted workplace priorities. Previously the emphasis was on productivity in an open-plan office but now employee health and wellbeing is a focus and many companies are looking to offer a more flexible working environment for their employees. For some this means changing how the office space is used and partitioning it to create smaller spaces for meetings, group projects and individual work.

Glazed Partitioning are a great way to do this as they allow natural light to flow through the building while still allowing people to be able to see each other. They also help reduce noise levels which can be distracting for staff. Full height glazed partition systems such as the DEKO FG2 and the FG Silent system have been designed to be as sound-absorbing as possible while allowing transparency and visibility. These systems use 43mm thick glazed panels and have slim profiles where they meet adjacent walls, ceilings and floors to provide superior sound-reduction properties.

Transparency Redefined: The Impact of Glazed Partitioning on Workspaces

Glass partitions are easy to install and fit a lot faster than solid walls, which can save on time, money, and disruption to staff while they’re being installed. They are also less expensive to maintain and repair – no need for re-painting or re-plastering if the wall gets damaged, and they can be wiped down and kept clean much easier than a solid wall. They can also be easily altered to accommodate new workspace requirements without the need for heavy construction work.

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